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Is Usain Bolt the Fastest Man On earth?

Is Usain Bolt the Fastest Man On earth?

Add University of Michigan's Quarterback, Denard Robinson, to the list of athletes who have claimed they can beat world class sprinters in a foot race

According to Yahoo! Sports the Michigan QB says he could take Usain Bolt in a 40 yard dash. This comes just two weeks after Tennessee Titan Running back, Chris Johnson, told the Tennessean that he could also beat Bolt in a 40 yard dash.

And why shouldn't they believe they can beat Bolt in a race, even if it is only 40 yards? If Bolt's six Olympic Gold medals aren't a testament to his lack-luster speed, I don't know what is.

As of right now, the fastest 40 time recorded for these two boisterous young men are 4.32 (Denard Robinson) and 4.24 (Chris Johnson) seconds. From my limited knowledge of football, that's fast. But if I apply my below average math skills to those two splits I get 100m times of roughly 10.80 and 10.60 seconds. Now this isn't taking into consideration acceleration, top speed, timing systems, physics and science in general, but I'm going to give it a 100% accuracy stamp and say that Denard Robinson and Chris Johnson, though fast, are full of malarkey.

Though my science seems fairly conclusive, I am always up for a good run off. It would be pretty radical to see the two, and all the other hooligans who claim they're faster than Bolt, have some sort of field day where Usain Bolt shows up and they test these things on different surfaces and conditions--football pads/no football pads, etc..

I think either way Bolt would trounce everyone, but hey, if someone out there is better with maths and numbers and calculators, have a crack at it.

Source: Titan Running Back Thinks He Can Beat Olympic Sprinting Legend
             Michigan QB Denard Robinson Thinks He Can Beat Usain Bolt In The 40

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