Dynamic Flexibility Training Progression: TUESDAY

Dynamic Flexibility Training Progression: TUESDAY
If static stretching and one-dimensional warms ups were the practice of past, then dynamic stretching and flexibility warm ups are undoubtedly the practice of present and future.  
Dynamic stretching increases range of motion in the body, blood and oxygen flow to soft tissue prior to physical exertion, and it is considered one of the most practical ways to supplement injury prevention when performed before a workout.  Dynamic stretching supplements sport-specific performance and is THE ESSENTIAL WORKOUT ROUTINE FOR RUNNERS!

The Flotrack Pro video library contains dozens of dynamic stretching workouts.  I consider Ryan Ponsonby's workout progression to be perhaps the best.  Ryan Ponsonby has coached Olympic and World Medalists, Leo Manzano and Shannon Rowbury, among others.  Here he takes you through the same dynamic flexibility exercises and warm ups that he took Leo, Shannon and many others through during training. 

The series progresses from more basic exercises (on Monday) to more advanced exercises (by Friday), and you should aim to add more exercises to your routine each day.

Monday: Start your dynamic flexibility training progression off by warming up with Back Eagles and Supine Eagles.  These are basic workouts that will help to increase flexibility and range of motion in the hips and lower back.  (2 Exercises Total) 

Supine Eagles
Back Eagles

Tuesday:  Make sure to add Leg Swings and Trail Leg Windmills to your routine today.  You will be performing more sagittal exercises here, this will further increase range of motion in the hips and glutes.  (2 More Exercises, 4 Total) 

Leg Swing
Trail Leg Windmill

Wednesday: Add Inverted Bicycles and Hip Circles to your workout today.  You have to be a little bit stronger to do these exercises as you are resting on your shoulders while inverting your legs into the air.  Nonetheless, these are simple and effective drills that further supplement your previous exercises. (2 More Exercises, 6 Total) 

Inverted Bicycles 
Hip Circles 

Thursday:  Add Leg Scissors and Sagittal Leg Scissors to your workout today.  You will once again be inverting your lower body into the air (as with Wednesday's workout).  With these exercises, however, you will incorporate some more sagittal rotation into the workout. (2 More Exercises, 8 Total)

Leg Scissors 
Sagittal Leg Scissors 

Friday:  It is now time to assimilate all of the workouts you've done into one complete training system.  Start with the Hurdle Seat Exchange (the most technical & advanced exercise in the training progression), and then partake in the complete conditioning exercise as they are conducted by Ryan Ponsonby and John Cook.  (1 More Exercise, 1 Complete Conditioning Workout, 10 Exercises Total) 

Hurdle Seat Exchange 
Complete Conditioning Workout
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