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SCHEDULE: 2013 Armory Collegiate Invitational

SCHEDULE: 2013 Armory Collegiate Invitational
2013 Armory Collegiate Invitational
The Armory | New York, NY
February 1 - 2, 2013

Armory Collegiate Heat Sheets


2013 Armory Collegiates Preliminary Schedule

Revised Jan. 28, 2013


9:30 am Women's 3k Eastern
10:05 am Men's 3k Eastern
10:15 am Women's 60m hurdles College heats
10:40 am Men's 60m hurdles College heats
10:55 am Women's 60m College heats
11:25 am Men's 60m College heats
11:50 am Women's 400m College heats
12:35 pm Men's 400m College heats
1:10 pm Women's 200m College heats
1:53 pm Men's 200m College heats
2:23 pm Women's 500m College
2:38 pm Men's 500m College
2:52 pm Women's 1000m Championship
3:09 pm Men's 1000m Championship
3:43 pm Women's 5k Championship
4:00 pm Women's 400m Championship heats
4:18 pm Men's 400m Championship heats
4:34 pm Men's 60m hurdles College final
4:37 pm Men's 60m hurdles Championship heats
4:58 pm Women's 60m hurdles College final
5:01 pm Women's 60m hurdles Championship heats
5:22 pm Men's 60m College final
5:25 pm Men's 60m Championship heats
5:40 pm Women's 60m College final
5:43 pm Women's 60m Championship heats
6:00 pm Girls' 1000m Juniors
6:05 pm Men's DMR Championship
6:17 pm Women's 500m Championship
6:27 pm Women's 60m hurdles Championship final
6:34 pm Boys' 4x400m High School
6:41 pm Women's 200m College final
6:45 pm Men's 200m College final
6:49 pm Women's DMR Championship
7:01 pm Men's 60m hurdles Championship final
7:08 pm Men's 1,000m Open
7:12 pm Women's 400m College final
7:16 pm Men's 400m College final
7:20 pm Women's 1500m Open
7:26 pm Men's 500m Championship
7:36 pm Women's 60m Championship final
7:43 pm Boys' 1000m Junior
7:48 pm Men's 5k Championship
8:03 pm Men's 60m Championship final
8:10 pm Girls' 4x400m High School
8:16 pm Women's DMR College
8:28 pm Men's DMR College
9:30 am Women's Shot Put Championship
9:35 am Women's Long Jump College
9:40 am Men's Long Jump College
10:00 am Women's Pole Vault College
12:45 pm Women's High Jump College
12:50 pm Men's High Jump College
2:15 pm Men's Shot Put Championship
4:00 pm Women's Long Jump Championship
4:05 pm Men's Long Jump Championship
5:00 pm Women's Pole Vault Championship
5:15 pm Boys' Junior Weight Throw



8:30 am Women's 5k College
9:07 am Men's 5k College
9:24 am Women's 3k College
9:46 am Men's 3k College
10:06 am Women's Mile College
10:36 am Men's Mile College
11:00 am Women's 200m Championship heats
11:30 am Women's 800m College
11:55 am Men's 200m Championship heats
12:20 pm Men's 800m College
1:00 pm Women's 4x400m College
1:32 pm Men's 4x400m College
1:52 pm Men's 3k Championship
2:03 pm Women's 4x200m Championship
2:18 pm Men's 4x200m Championship
2:30 pm Girls' 4x800m High School
2:42 pm Women's 200m Championship final
2:52 pm Women's 3k Championship
3:05 pm Men's 200m Championship final
3:15 pm Boys' 4x800m High School
3:26 pm Boys' 600m Junior
3:31 pm Women's 800m Championship
3:36 pm Girls' 600m Junior
3:41 pm Men's 800m Championship
3:46 pm Women's 4x400m Pennsylvania
3:52 pm Men's 4x400m Pennsylvania
3:58 pm Women's 4x400m New York
4:04 pm Men's 4x400m New York
4:20 pm Women's 400m Championship final
4:28 pm Girls' 300m Junior
4:32 pm Men's 400m Championship final
4:40 pm Women's 800m Open
4:44 pm Women's 4x800m Championship
4:56 pm Men's Mile Open
5:02 pm Men's 4x800m Championship
5:12 pm Girls' 4x200m High School
5:16 pm Women's Mile Championship
5:23 pm Boys' 4x200m High School
5:27 pm Men's Mile Championship
5:33 pm Women's 4x400m Championship
5:43 pm Men's 4x400m Championship
8:35 am Women's High Jump Eastern
8:40 am Men's High Jump Eastern
8:45 am Women's Weight Throw Championship
8:45 am Men's Pole Vault College
8:50 am Women's Triple Jump College
8:55 am Men's Triple Jump College
1:15 pm Women's High Jump Championship
1:35 pm Women's Triple Jump Championship
1:45 pm Men's Weight Throw Championship
2:30 pm Men's Triple Jump Championship
2:35 pm Men's Pole Vault Championship
3:15 pm Men's High Jump Championship

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