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Four Americans run the "A" in Oordegem, which makes it Euro's Swarthmore

Four Americans run the "A" in Oordegem, which makes it Euro's Swarthmore
Edit: It took exactly four minutes for someone to send us the video. Awesome work, Levi Hoste!

We get a lot of emails about certain tracks. They're not all necessarily about the "Hayward Magic" out west, but of the "Swarthmore Magic" out east.

On the surface, the Swarthmore Last Chance Meet is your run-of-the-mill final gathering of the season. Want to run an off-event? Swarthmore. Want to try and take one more shot at a PR? Swarthmore.

The meet gained legendary status in '12, when Columbia's Kyle Merber dropped his PR by nearly seven seconds to run the American collegiate record in the 1500m (3:35.59). While that race that was set up for Nate Brannen to run the IAAF "A" standard, everyone else was towed along to huge personal bests.

- Results HERE
- LetRun's analysis of that race HERE

Some people say the track was short. Others, like when the creators of Lost were asked about how they ended the show, say magic. It's probably the latter.

So when Americans want to run something outrageous, like say a seven second PR or the "A" standard, then Oordegem is the place to run.

Heat 2

Rank Lane ID Name Team Cat Result Info
1 3 9178 Maazouzi Zakaria MAR Sen 3:32.89  
2 4 9177 Elkaam Fouad MAR Sen 3:33.71  
3 10 9017 Alemayehu Zebene ETH Sen 3:33.73  
4 18 9443 McNamara Jordan USA Sen 3:34.00  
5 7 9436 Heath Garrett USA Sen 3:34.12  
6 6 9508 Bayer Andy USA Sen 3:34.47  
7 2 9441 Leslie Cory USA Sen 3:34.93  
8 8 9440 Leer Will USA Sen 3:35.27  
9 16 9506 Chris O'Hare GB  Sen 3:35.37  
10 5 9507 Wolde David ETH Sen 3:35.38  
11 17 9445 Miller Craig USA Sen 3:35.48  
12 14 9425 Bolas Jack USA Sen 3:35.54  
13 11 9115 Otmane Belharbazi FRA Sen 3:35.93  
14 15 9411 Emanuel Lee GBR Sen 3:36.55  
15 9 9016 Abinet Abiyot ETH Sen 3:36.91  
16 12 9426 Boylan-Pett Liam USA Sen 3:37.31  
17 1 9451 See Jeff USA Sen 3:43.37  
  13 9453 Stockberger Danny USA Sen DNF  
  19 9994 Bett Reuben KEN Sen DNF  

Heat 1
Rank Lane ID Name Team Cat Result Info
1 6 9437 Hill Ryan USA Sen 3:38.57  
2 9 9427 Bumbalough Andrew USA Sen 3:39.04  
3 7 9435 Heath Elliott USA Sen 3:39.27  
4 4 9424 Blankenship Ben USA Sen 3:39.70  
5 5 9505 Stilin Joe USA Sen 3:39.72  
6 3 9413 Gowell Chris GBR Sen 3:41.71  
7 10 9008 Rowe Brenton AUT Sen 3:42.12  
8 11 9401 Bachtiger Mario SUI Sen 3:42.76  
9 1 9030 Benjamin Pires FRA Sen 3:44.46  
10 13 9402 Breit Stefan SUI Sen 3:45.42  
11 2 9459 Webb Alan USA Sen 3:46.53  
12 12 9387 Velde Morten NOR Sen 3:52.10  
  8 1193 Marrion Geoffrey CABW Sen DNF  
  14 9996 Agache Hannes BEL Sen DNF  

Other than the fanfare and congratulations on Twitter, we know very little about the race. Were you there? Email us.

Assorted Thoughts

- How many Americans set personal bests? Eight (Heath, McNamara, Heath, Bayer, Leslie, Leer, Miller, and Bolas. Boylan-Pett's PR is from
Swarthmore. Fancy that).

- Anyone find it odd that there were so many Americans in Belgium? 15 of the 29 finishers in the two sections had "USA" listed under their affiliation. That's not to mention the three UK'ers who train the U.S. (Chris Gowell, Chris O'Hare, and Lee Emanuel, I think).

- It has to be cheaper to fly over three Belgium rabbits to the states instead of everyone going overseas (apparently Danny Stockberger did an excellent job pacing, but he's American so we're not counting his travel expenses). Perhaps a Canadian slash American summer track circuit? There are meets, but we would need organization (and money).

Link to the original interview. Congrats, JMac. We never doubted you for a second.

- If Andy Bayer was permitted to run the 5k at USAs, would he have beaten Ryan Hill? More on that Monday.

- Speaking of the third place finisher from U.S. Champs, what are Hill's odds of running the "B" standard of 13:20 and moving on to Moscow? Last summer, Hill ran his 1500m PR (3:38.36) in Belgium. Two weeks later, he ran his 5k PR (13:26.34) in Belgium, too. #TheChase for the standard is going to be close.

- It should be noted that on the women's side, Cory McGee ran 4:09.85. She'll need to drop that 0.85 to hit the "B" standard. #TheChase.

- In the first heat, Alan Webb was second-to-last in 3:46.53. Oddly enough, before the start of the Paris Diamond League, we watched his Paris Golden (not Diamond) League Meet race from '07. Oh, nostalgia.

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