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Women's NCAA Indoor Distance Preview

Women's NCAA Indoor Distance Preview
Rather than have four divide our previews into four separate articles, rankings guru and now world traveler Isaac Wood breaks down the women's middle-distance and distance action all at once.

Women's 800-meters Final (March 15th @ 7:30pm MT)

Event 20  Women 800 Meter Run Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Laura Roesler                 SR Oregon              2:01.32 
  2  Megan Malasarte               SR Georgia             2:03.08 
  3  Ejiroghene Okoro              SR Iowa State          2:03.91 
  4  Yanique Malcolm               SR Alabama             2:03.97 
  5  Megan Krumpoch                SR Dartmouth           2:04.13 
  6  Andrea Keklak                 JR Georgetown          2:04.64 
  7  Sabrina Southerland           FR Georgetown          2:04.85 
  8  Alena Brooks                  SR Minnesota           2:04.90 
  9  Erika Veidis                  JR Harvard             2:05.00 
 10  Amanda Smith                  JR Virginia Tec        2:05.25 
 11  Nikita Tracey                 SR LSU                 2:05.28 
 12  Alexis Panisse                SO Tennessee           2:05.38 
 13  Savannah Camacho              FR Oklahoma St.        2:05.41 
 14  Kelsey Margey                 SO Villanova           2:05.43 
 15  Kaela Edwards                 FR Oklahoma St.        2:05.59 
 16  Nicky Akande                  SR Villanova           2:05.77

I actually feel bad saying this because it sounds so myopic, but this race is absolutely Laura Roesler's to lose. She is above and away the most talented 800-meter runner in the NCAA and barring a tragedy, she'll win this race.

Now with that being said, I do have a few dark horse picks that, if Roesler has the worst race of her life, could sneak up and get the "W." I like Megan Malasarte of Georgia, who was an NCAA Outdoor qualifier last year. I like the youth of Sabrina Southerland of Georgetown, too. She might just be so fresh to the NCAA scene that she runs out of her mind and PRs big. 

1. Laura Roesler: Oregon - 2:02.88
2. Megan Malasarte: Georgia - 2:03.32
3. Sabrina Southerland: Georgetown -  2:03.91
4. Ejiro Okoro: Iowa State - 2:04.52
5. Andrea Keklak: Georgetown - 2:05.00

Women's Mile Final (March 15th @ 6:10pm MT)

Event 21  Women 1 Mile Run Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Colleen Quigley               JR Florida Stat        4:32.11 
  2  Linden Hall                   JR Florida Stat        4:32.25 
  3  Leah O'Connor                 JR Michigan Sta        4:34.35 
  4  Cory McGee                    SR Florida             4:35.03 
  5  Allison Peare                 SR Kentucky            4:35.14 
  6  Emily Lipari                  SR Villanova           4:35.24 
  7  Elizabeth Whelan              SO North Caroli        4:35.69 
  8  Carly Hamilton                JR Georgia             4:35.79 
  9  Stephanie Brown               SR Arkansas            4:35.86 
 10  Annie LeHardy                 JR North Caroli        4:35.94 
 11  Elinor Purrier                FR New Hampshir        4:36.14 
 12  Olivia Burne                  SR Stony Brook         4:36.22 
 13  Monica Adler                  JR Boston U.           4:36.35 
 14  Stephanie Schappert           JR Villanova           4:36.40 
 15  Shelby Houlihan               JR Arizona Stat        4:37.52 
 16  Rebekah Greene                FR Florida             4:38.03

This is the Battle of the Sunshine State, since the winner is most likely going to come from someone from a school in Florida. Colleen Quigley and Linden Hall of Florida State are about as tough as they come. Both of them have had great progressions since last outdoor, where they Quigley was 2nd in the 3k steeple and Hall made the 1500-meter final.

Cory McGee
of Florida is coming off of a summer of racing for the USA as she made the 1500-meter for Moscow.

Beyond these three, it is a toss up to who else can challenge them. Carly Hamilton of Georgia, Leah O'Connor of Michigan State, Stephanie Brown of Arkansas, Allison Peare of Kentucky (former Sleeper of the Week), Shelby Houlihan of Arizona State may not have the fastest seed time of the bunch, but will all certainly be in the mix. It's going to be crazy figuring out who can make it through the heats, but I do like Quigley's chances as herendurance will help her through the tough heats and cash in the check of all her hard work to the get the Mile win in Albuquerque.

Editor's Note: Definitely no FSU bias here.

1. Colleen Quigley: Florida State - 4:41.32
2. Cory McGee: Florida - 4:41.39
3. Linden Hall: Florida State - 4:42.03
4. Leah O'Connor: Michigan State - 4:42.77
5. Carly Hamilton: Georgia - 4:43.11

Women's 3,000-meters (March 15th @ 7:55pm MT)

Event 22  Women 3000 Meter Run
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Abbey D'Agostino              SR Dartmouth           8:51.91 
  2  Kate Avery                    SO Iona                8:56.20 
  3  Laura Nagel                   JR Providence          9:01.35 
  4  Dominique Scott               JR Arkansas            9:02.33 
  5  Emma Bates                    SR Boise State         9:03.61 
  6  Kelsey Smith                  JR UCLA                9:04.31 
  7  Aisling Cuffe                 JR Stanford            9:04.57 
  8  Megan Patrignelli             SR Oregon              9:04.96 
  9  Grace Heymsfield              SR Arkansas            9:05.16 
 10  Shelby Houlihan               JR Arizona Stat        9:05.86 
 11  Rachele Schulist              FR Michigan Sta        9:06.85 
 12  Kathy Kroeger                 SR Stanford            9:07.23 
 13  Rachel Johnson                JR Baylor              9:08.36 
 14  Mara Olson                    JR Butler              9:08.83 
 15  Katrina Coogan                SO Georgetown          9:10.27 
 16  Elinor Kirk                   SR UAB                 9:10.40 

Abbey D'Agostino. Enough said. The only other person I see challenging her in this race, and it's because of the altitude factor, is Emma Bates of Boise State. The little altitude that she does train at up in Boise will help her give D'Agostino the biggest challenge in the 3,000-meters thus far this year. 

1. Abbey D'Agostino: Dartmouth - 9:05.33
2. Emma Bates: Boise State - 9:07.02
3. Kate Avery: Iona - 9:07.55
4. Laura Nagel: Providence - 9:08.41
5. Aisling Cuffe: Stanford - 9:09.00

Women's 5,000-meters (March 15th @ 8:45pm MT)

Event 23  Women 5000 Meter Run
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Abbey D'Agostino              SR Dartmouth          15:40.55 
  2  Emily Sisson                  JR Providence         15:40.62 
  3  Emily Stites                  SO William and        15:43.69 
  4  Elinor Kirk                   SR UAB                15:44.38 
  5  Meghan McGlinchey             SR La Salle           15:46.50 
  6  Elaina Balouris               SR William and        15:46.92 
  7  Juliet Bottorff               SR Duke               15:49.80 
  8  Erin Finn                     FR Michigan           15:52.11 
  9  Emma Bates                    SR Boise State        15:52.61 
 10  Kathy Kroeger                 SR Stanford           15:53.35 
 11  Aisling Cuffe                 JR Stanford           15:53.95 
 12  Sara Sutherland               SR Texas              15:53.98 
 13  Hannah Walker                 JR Florida Stat       15:58.15 
 14  Shalaya Kipp                  SR Colorado           16:00.15 
 15  Pippa Woolven                 SO Florida Stat       16:01.57 
 16  Molly Grabill                 SO Oregon             16:01.91 

Beyond D'Agostino, I do like Eli Kirk of UAB quite a bit. She looked so smooth and under control in her 5k at the Husky Classic and I wouldn't be surprised to watch her challenge Abbey for quite a while up front and hold on for the rest of the race.

Hannah Walker
of Florida State will push up front for the first part of the race, per usual, and she will also be in the mix to challenge Kirk and Emily Sisson of Providence for the runner up position. 

1. Abbey D'Agostino: Dartmouth - 15:55.68
2. Eli Kirk: UAB - 16:00.42
3. Emily Sisson: Providence - 16:01.21
4. Hannah Walker- Florida State - 16:03.44
5. Emma Bates- Boise State - 16:03.48

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