The Racing Kits of 2014

The Racing Kits of 2014
The Racing Kits of 2014

Now that the Diamond League circuit is truly underway, we can safely assume that we have seen the freshest new looks from each of the respectable brands. 


Got to love that simple, clean, single stripe on the left on the men's kit. Plus, it's hard to come up with a more BA color combo than black and gold. I'm not sure what the deal is with the leopard print/camo design on the women's kit (I come from a place where people take their camo VERY seriously).

The wreath / snowflake logo on the right chest is what we are assuming is earned when you win a World Championship. We like the cleanliness of the yellow kit that most of the BTC was rocking at Payton, but when this kit is run next to the neon Brooks uniforms, my brain tip toes on the edge of total meltdown.

Doesn't seem like Nike has hopped on the v-neck band wagon yet, maybe because they know it's a slippery slope. Side note, if anyone has an actual of photo of Chris Derrick and SFP, tweet it as us... immediately.


I don't know what color the adidas kits are. We will call it, royal turquoise? Whatever it is, I like it.

The kits are equipped with a v-neck, really narrow straps, and a length that won't make Robby Andrews look like he's not wearing shorts. I can also vouch that the material won't get heavy and sticky no matter how much sweat, Gatorade, and tears you drop on it. 


Brooks loves its neon, and I think at this point people associate bright yellow with the Beasts crew. Well, and Curious George.

Again, the name on the back of the jersy is such an obvious addition to our sport that at this point I feel like some brands are just avoiding it out of spite. From signing Matt Scherer to crashing "unrestricted" airspace, you can't miss Brooks. 


Saucony drops a kit that immediately reminds me of their "stealth fighter inspired" Kinvara shoe. It also makes me immediately want a fruit gusher.

I don't know if there is a placebo effect with the kit, but you have to admit, every time we have seen it on the track this year, it has done well. 

New Balance

No, we don't think that photo of Emma is an official new kit, but we wouldn't be surprised if she debuted something similar in her first race back in Tokyo today.

We're also not sure if the Team Indiana Elite guys own uniforms, or shirts for that matter, but we do know that De'Sean Turner is fast and his teammates do lots of 8 Minute Abs. 


Asics kits always seem to be pretty clean and simple. Maybe someone said, "Who cares Everything gets covered up by a giant bib number anyways!"


You know what looks really good? Winning

Hoka One One

I really like this kit. If only we could agree on how to pronounce "ONE ONE."


Not sure if the double strap creates a better fit, or if it's supposed to tease guys and make them think that a strap is falling down. Either way, it works. 


Don't see a lot of the professional Mizuno kits, but they have that "hey don't tell anyone, but I'm in really good shape right now" vibe to them.

Under Armour
A company that has literally changed the game when it come to what is stylistically acceptable on the footabll field, plus a guy who once ran in a Star Wars- themed racing singlet? I love the possibilities. Don't forget, Nick was the 2nd American at Boston. We are waiting anxiously for UA to drop this look on to the running world.


Yes, that is Nikki Hiltz in the middle. Yes, she really raced in that.


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