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NCAA Champs Women's 5K preview

NCAA Champs Women's 5K preview
Finally Some Parity in NCAA Women's Distance Running? 

Is there finally parity in the Women's 5,000 meters during the Abbey D'Agostino era? Since what seems like life began, Abbey D'Agostino has been the dominant presence on the NCAA women's distance scene. Abbey D' has won six straight national championships and should be on her way to her next one in the 5,000 meters, right? 
For all intents and purposes I say she does it again as well, but it won't be easy. I really do believe that there may be some parity in this 5k. Abbey D' has been so dominant, but for the first time in a long time she could be beat at NCAAs. 
Last year I think we all thought Jordan Hasay would have a chance at beating her, but we all forgot that D'Agostino has practically owned Hasay (not taking away anything Hasay has done in her career--she's amazing) and once we saw her blow Hasay away with 200 to go we were all brought back to reality that D'Agostino really is that good. 
This year may be different. Aisling Cuffe has been ON. Marielle Hall was brilliant early on. Elinor Kirk of UAB has been on a tear since NCAA Indoors. Emma Bates is waiting for her chance to break through (she's been on the edge of glory so many times and yes I'm quoting Lady Gaga). 
My sleeper is Kate Avery of Iona. After watching her break the field open at NCAA Cross, I wonder if she will do it again this weekend. If she does, can she keep D'Agostino, Cuffe, Hall, and co at bay for long enough to pull out the win. 
This is the most exciting women's race of the meet in my opinion and for once in a long time I really think Abbey D' could get beat. Only time will tell. 
For reference I have listed the entries of this race with seed times and their respective PRs in parentheses.   
  1 Elinor Kirk                   SR UAB                15:53.93 (15:42.13)
  2 Emma Bates                    JR Boise State        15:55.00 (15:33.42) 
  3 Aisling Cuffe                 JR Stanford           15:55.16 (15:11.13) 
  4 Abbey D'Agostino              SR Dartmouth          15:57.37 (15:11.35) 
  5 Juliet Bottorff               SR Duke               15:58.78 (15:49.45) 
  6 Waverly Neer                  JR Columbia           15:58.91 (15:37.85) 
  7 Dominique Scott               SO Arkansas           16:00.30 (15:42.42) 
  8 Kate Avery                    SO Iona               16:00.68 (15:27.90) 
  9 Rosa Moriello                 JR Boston U.          16:03.57 (Seed Time) 
 10 Cally Macumber                SR Kentucky           16:03.81 (16:03.81) 
 11 Dana Giordano                 SO Dartmouth          16:05.04 (15:53.96) 
 12 Sarah Collins                 SO Providence         16:05.86 (15:31.03) 
 13 Elvin Kibet                   JR Arizona            16:06.51 (15:57.20) 
 14 Carrie Verdon                 SO Colorado           16:06.71 (15:59.83) 
 15 Laura Nagel                      JR Providence         16:08.39 (15:42.60)
 16 Marielle Hall                     SR Texas              16:08.97 (15:19.26)
 17 Rachele Schulist                 FR Michigan State     16:09.34 (16:01.23) 
 18 Mara Olson                       JR Butler             16:09.74 (15:47.14)
 19 Kelsey Santisteban             JR California         16:10.60 (15:50.18)
 20 Frida Berge                       FR Oregon             16:17.27 (Seed Time)
 21 Jessica Tonn                      JR Stanford           16:19.36 (15:32.26) 
 22 Katy Moen                        JR Iowa State         16:20.56 (15:56.53)
 23 Diane Robison                   JR Arkansas           16:21.67 (15:47.62)
 24 Monika Juodeskaite            JR Okla State         16:24.96 (16:00.32)
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