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ENTRIES: Penn Relays

ENTRIES: Penn Relays

ENTRIES: Penn Relays 2015
Philadelphia, PA
April 23rd - 25th, 2015


The Penn Relays held at the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field is one of the largest relay carnivals in the world with athletes competing from across the United States and internationally most notably Jamaica. The Relays draw athletes from all levels, high school, college, and professional for the three day event.

Courtesy: PennRelaysOnline.com

H.S. Indivdual EntriesH.S. Relay Entries

Men's 4x800 Entries:

AA   Villanova
AB   Penn State
AC   Georgetown
AD   Georgia Tech
AE   Stanford
AF   Texas A&M
AG   Indiana
AH   Columbia
AI   Brown
AJ   Duke
AK   Penn
AL   Monmouth
AM   Princeton
AN   Oklahoma
AO   Michigan
AP   St. Joseph's PA
AQ   Harvard
AR   Bucknell
AS   La Salle
AT   Army
AU   Coppin State
AV   Navy
AW   Clemson
AY   Boston College
AZ   Liberty
BA   Rhode Island
BB   UConn
BC   Rider
BD   East Carolina
BE   Indiana Tech
BF   Franklin Pierce
BG   Maryland
BH   Houston
BI   Mount St. Mary's
BK   New Hampshire
BL   Xavier
BM   Lehigh
BN   Wagner
BO   UMass/Lowell
BP   Rutgers
BQ   Charlotte
BR   Stony Brook
BS   Adelphi
BT   Yale
BU   Iona
BV   Albany
BW   Virginia
BX   Fordham
BY   Buffalo
BZ   Monroe

Men's 4xMile Entries:
AA   Oregon
AB   Stanford
AC   Villanova
AD   Adams State
AE   Oklahoma
AF   Penn State
AG   Georgetown
AH   Texas
AI   Michigan
AJ   Wisconsin
AK   Columbia
AL   Penn
AM   Indiana
AO   Dartmouth
AP   Cornell
AQ   Princeton
AR   Buffalo
AS   Yale

Men's DMR Entries:
AA   Oregon
AB   Penn State
AC   Georgetown
AD   Villanova
AE   Duke
AF   Stanford
AG   Oklahoma
AH   Columbia
AI   Texas A&M
AJ   Penn
AK   Texas
AL   Binghamton
AM   Indiana
AN   La Salle
AO   Houston
AQ   Princeton
AR   New Hampshire
AS   Yale
AT   St. Joseph's PA
AU   Harvard
AV   Dartmouth
AW   Navy
AX   Buffalo
AY   UConn
AZ   Auburn
BA   Fordham
BB   Brown
BC   American Int'l
BD   Cornell
BE   Albany
BF   Iona
BG   So. Connecticut
BH   Boston College
BI   Georgia Tech
BJ   UMass/Lowell
BK   Tennessee
BL   Providence
BM   Clemson
BN   Ramapo
BO   American
BP   Rutgers
BQ   Monmouth
BR   Stony Brook
BS   East Carolina
BT   Wagner
BU   Army
BV   Middle Tennessee
BW   Rider
BX   Maryland
BY   Xavier
BZ   Applachian State
CA   Indiana PA

Women's 4x800 Entries:
AA   Villanova
AB   Georgetown
AC   Stanford
AD   Harvard
AE   Columbia
AF   Florida State
AG   Indiana
AH   Dartmouth
AI   Penn
AJ   Princeton
AK   UConn
AL   Monmouth
AM   Fordham
AN   Maryland
AO   Clemson
AP   Cornell
AQ   Penn State
AR   Georgia Tech
AT   Iona
AU   Albany
AV   James Madison
AW   Yale
AY   Richmond
AZ   St. John's
BA   Winston-Salem
BB   La Salle
BC   Manhattan
BD   South Carolina
BE   Hampton
BF   Applachian State
BG   Wagner
BH   Rider
BI   N.C.-Wilmington
BJ   Radford
BK   St. Joseph's PA
BL   East Carolina
BM   Rowan
BN   Rutgers
BO   Adelphi
BP   Marist

Women's 4x1500 Entries:
A   Villanova
B   Stanford
C   Georgetown
D   Harvard
E   Dartmouth
F   North Carolina
H   Texas
I   UConn
J   Indiana
K   Auburn
L   Georgia Tech
M   Richmond
N   Buffalo
O   Clemson
P   Pittsburgh
Q   Princeton

Women's DMR Entries:
AA   Villanova
AB   Stanford
AC   Georgetown
AE   Clemson
AF   Duke
AG   Wisconsin
AH   Harvard
AI   North Carolina
AJ   Princeton
AK   UConn
AL   Penn State
AM   Columbia
AO   Providence
AP   Maryland
AQ   Richmond
AR   Indiana
AS   Coastal Carolina
AT   Yale
AU   Monmouth
AW   Cornell
AX   La Salle
AY   Navy
AZ   Iona
BA   West Virginia
BB   Georgia Tech
BC   St. John's
BD   James Madison
BE   Brown
BF   Buffalo
BH   Penn
BI   Boston College
BJ   Bucknell
BK   Rider
BL   Delaware
BM   South Carolina

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