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The Women of the Beer Mile

The Women of the Beer Mile

With the Beer Mile World Championships less than a month away (Dec. 1), FloTrack caught up with some of the ladies that headline this year's race. Andrea Fisher, Juliane Masciana, and Elizabeth Laseter are three beer-miling machines set to toe the line in a battle of running and chugging. 

Andrea Fisher

2nd at 2014 Beer Mile World Championships
Beer Mile PR: 6:28
No. 2 in the world on BeerMile.com
Masters World Record-Holder

1. Favorite competition beer?
The one they call Zoe
2. Favorite non-competition beer?
Just about any lager or dark craft
3. Why beer mile?
Because it's the only high-level international running event I'll ever do well at!
4. What's your occupation?
Aquatics Director for Townlake Austin YMCA, Owner/Head Coach for Texas Iron, and single mom of two wonderful young girls
5. Goal for the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships?
Break 6 min. or come as close as I can to it while still remaining in one piece.

Juliane Masciana

5th at the 2014 Beer Mile World Championships
Beer Mile PR: 6:48
No. 9 in the world on BeerMile.com 

1. Favorite competition beer?   
Hops & Grain's Zoe brew
2. Favorite non-competition beer?
Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle
3. Why beer mile?
It's the only socially acceptable time you can drink until you puke.
4. What's your occupation?
5. Goal for the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships?
At least a PR, but dipping under the 6:30 mark would be awesome!

Elizabeth Laseter 

8th at 2014 Beer Mile World Championships
Beer Mile PR: 7:03
No. 15 in the world on BeerMile.com

1. Favorite competition beer?
Budweiser. It has absolutely zero personality as a beer (which is necessary for the beer mile) and goes down smooth.
2. Favorite non-competition beer?
The Lone Pint Brewery Yellow Rose (American IPA). Opposite to Budweiser, this beer packs tons of personality, and a citrus-forward hoppy bitterness that is incredibly refreshing. I visited the tiny brewery recently in Magnolia, Texas--it's literally in the middle of nowhere!
3. Why beer mile?
I've been running beer miles since college. It actually started as an end of season celebration with my track teammates. The way we saw it, after months of hard training it was always a blast to compete in something a little less serious. It's always had a special meaning for me because of that. Additionally, the beer mile combines two things I love--running and beer into one utterly ridiculous competition. 
4. What's your occupation?
I work in event planning for the James Beard Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating America's culinary heritage through educational programs and food-centered events. Basically, I get to work with top chefs from all over the country!
5. Goal for the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships?
Race smart and beat my time from last year, and have fun! That's what the beer mile is all about!

Kirsty Jahn

6th at 2014 Beer Mile World Championships
Beer Mile PR: 6:48
No. 10 in the world on BeerMile.com

1. Favorite competition beer? 
Molson Canadian 
2. Favorite non-competition beer? Guinness 
3. Why beer mile? 
I'm super competitive, love running, and love beer. The beer mile allows me to combine all three of these, while having a lot of fun.
4. What's your occupation? 
Professional Triathlete
5. Goal for the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships? 
To win! 
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