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Here's to Morgan Uceny

Here's to Morgan Uceny
For those of you who haven't seen the Olympic final of the women's 1500, don't watch it. It will send you to a dark place. Instead skip it and head straight to the closest liquor store and buy something in a big bottle. If you did watch it, you might already be there. It doesn't really matter if its something that has been aged to perfection or something that is encased in clear plastic just make sure its burns as it goes down. Don't bother with anything to chase it down. We don't have time. (It is also pertinent that you make sure your health insurance is up to date and that your car keys are locked in a safe that you do not have access to)

As we think about what might have been, Morgan is likely getting 15min worth of adoration from Bob Kostas et al. She will get some flattering yet tear-jerking stories written about her in some well read publications. Morgan didn't want any of this. She could have been immortally gold, silver or bronze. I don't know that she cared to be immortal either though, she just wanted to kick everyone's ass.

Sport is about more than 3 ¾ laps in some far away land. It is about what it takes to get there.

The first drink is for Mom and Dad Uceny, then one for breaking every record imaginable in high school and choosing Cornel because they wouldn't make her do Cross-Country.

Raise your glass to Joining Mammoth Track Club and training with Anna Pierce under coach Terrence Mahon.

Take a shot for Shady Rest, Round Valley, and Green Church Road. Take another one for Green Church Road.

Put one back for Mission Bay, Bonita and of course the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

Take a hearty swig for more neon colored running outfits than you thought imaginable.

Let's celebrate being in Amsterdam when the Dutch made the World Cup Final, consuming overpriced Italian chocolate, and NOT consuming anything from the Seomun Market in Daegu.

Here's to representing the Red White and Blue in front of the world.

Here's to being ranked the number one 1500m runner on the planet.

Here's to being an Olympian.

Here's to four more long years.

Four years of fending off the next generation.

Four years of over-used muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and egos. (that shot came back up a little bit)

Four years of plane delays, 15 passenger vans, and giant over-stuffed duffle bags. (maybe this wasn't such a good idea)

Here's to getting paid to run! (that's better)

By now you should be close to finished with your bottle of poison. Finish it off and remind yourself that those four long years will be over before we know it.

Tomorrow is going to hurt though, not much we can do about that now.
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