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2 Weeks Out: Hay is in the Barn

2 Weeks Out: Hay is in the Barn
Hay is in the Barn

Well, all the hard work is done. My final big week of training in Mammoth Lakes went smoothly. For the week I hit a mildly impressive 110 miles with two 20+ days. Now I guess is the time to rest up, and focus on all the small details that can make or break a marathon on race day. I'm confident in my fueling strategy, carbohydrate loading plan and pacing expectations; however, I'm unsure of my facial hair choice or if I'll go with sunglasses or without…good thing I have a few days!

Detailed Training

Monday: 7500ft. 9 miles AM run at around 6:30 pace, 6 miles in the PM run at 7:00 pace

Tuesday: 7300ft. 23.75 miles in the AM. Started off at 6:20 pace and worked my way into a tad under 6 minutes the last 5 miles. Last pure long run of the cycle, yay!

Wednesday: 7300ft. 7 miles in the AM at 7:00 pace, 5 miles in the PM at 7:00 pace

Thursday: 7300ft. 7 miles in the AM at 7:00 pace, 6 miles in the PM at 7:00 pace

Friday: 7200ft. 10x400 in the off 90 seconds in the AM. I ran these reps on Green Church Rd. Slightly downhill reps were 61-63, slightly uphill reps were 63-64, warm up/down. 7 miles PM very slow.

Saturday: 7200ft. Easy 9 miles in the AM run at 6:40 pace

Sunday: 7300 ft. 3 mile warm up. 18 mile fartlek, worked like this…2 miles easy (6:30 pace) straight into 14 miles of continuously repeating 4 minutes at marathon pace (5:00 pace) 5 minutes easy (6:30 pace) 2 minutes at half marathon pace (4:45 pace) 5 minutes easy (6:30 pace) 1 minute at 10k pace (4:20 pace) 5 minutes easy (6:30 pace). Finished with two miles easy (6:30 pace). Total time 1:40:54. HR and splits: 

Mile Splits: 6:00, 5:55, 5:12, 5:18, 5:34, 5:28, 5;07, 5:23, 5:38, 5:26, 5:13, 5:32, 5:31, 5:41, 6:03, 5:25, 5:56, 6:25

New York Marathon Course Video

Watch this video to experience the ING NYC course in 7 Minutes

Two Pictures from Mammoth

This is a photo from the start of the Green Church Rd course. You can fly on the way out, but it's hilly and super windy on the way back.

I took this photo at Lake George, which is about 9000ft. Apparently, Alistair Cragg likes to fish here, I doubt he ever catches anything…

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