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LIVE UPDATES: 2017 IAAF World Championships Day 3

LIVE UPDATES: 2017 IAAF World Championships Day 3
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We're bringing you LIVE updates for the evening session of day 3 of the IAAF World Championships -- refresh the page to get them as they happen!

Women's 100m Semifinal 1

The two big dogs in Ta Lou and Dafne Schippers went 1-2 to auto-Q, but American Deajah Stevens has a bad day and finishes last -- she won't be in the final.

Women's 100m Semifinal 2

Elaine Thompson pops a 10.84, the fastest time of the day, to win, but a big surprise was Rosangela Santos of Brazil setting a national record in tow to nab that second auto-qualifier.

The Oregon girls aren't having a great day, as Ariana Washington comes next to last and won't make the final, making Tori Bowie our last hope.

Women's 100m Semifinal 3

Tori Bowie comes through with a win and will be our sole American in the final. Murielle Ahoure gets the second auto, but Michelle-Lee Ahye and Blessing Okagbare will have to wait and see if they get in on time.

Men's 400m Semifinal 1

Fred Kerley headlines this heat, along will compatriot Wil London, Bahamian Stephen Gardiner, and one of the Belgiean Borlee brothers.

It'll be a tough cut to make the final, as only top 2 auto-Q plus the next two fastest times overall.

It's a quick one! Stephen Gardiner runs 43.89 -- not only a PB, but a new Bahamian National Record! -- for the win.

Nathan Allen pulls away from a fading Fred Kerley in the last few meters, putting Kerley in a tricky position -- he'll have to hope no other third-placers run any faster than his 44.51 time.

Men's 400m Semifinal 2

This is the heat! Van Niekerk looking ready to roll, but there will be a few people hoping to make the final behind him, including our LaShawn Merritt and Botswana's Thebe.

Van Niekerk gets passed at 300m by Thebe, but he's still able to pass back and glide to a win with Thebe in tow. The big flop in this heat goes to Merritt, who faded to second to last and won't be in the final.

Men's 400m Semifinal 3

Makwala is the big man in the final heat, and after his compatriot just ran van Niekerk to the line he'll be hoping to make a statement of his own with an auto-Q here.

Gil Roberts, the last American, is also lining up in the hopes of joining Kerley in the final.

Roberts looks great coming off the first turn, but ultimately fades to third behind Makwala and Jamaica's Gaye. It's not fast enough to get a time qualifier -- those honors go to Kerley and Qatar's Haroun.

Men's 110m Hurdles Semifinal 1

You've heard the story by now: Three heats, two place qualifiers per heat, two time qualifiers.

Omar McLeod should be a lock to qualify in the first semi, but behind him Orlanda Ortega, U.S. champ Aleec Harris, and "neutral athlete" Sergey Shubenkov will all be hoping to get that second spot.

It's France's Garfield Darien that takes the second spot, with Shubenkov and Ortega a close 3-4. Harris in 6th won't make the final.

Men's 110m Hurdles Semifinal 2

After finishing fourth in the Rio Olympics, Devon Allen will be looking for a medal in London but to do that he'll need to make the final first. He headlines this heat along with British favorite Andrew Pozzi.

What a close finish! The top four are a blanket across the line, but Barmuda's Shane Brathwaite and Jamaica's Hansle Parchment come up 1-2 in the end by a hundredth of a second. Devon Allen will miss out on the final by -- get this -- three one-thousandths of a second... And Pozzi in fourth will miss it by a hundredth as well.

Men's 110m Hurdles Semifinal 3

Aries Merritt will be our last hope to make the final, after a year in which we've finally been seeing glimpses of his WR form for the first time since 2015.

Balazs Baji takes the W here, Merritt second. Both of your time qualifiers will come from heat 1.

Women's 800m Heptathlon Heats

Two of three of your Americans, Bougard and Day-Monroe, are in heat one. Our best hope is NCAA champ Kendell Williams, who currently sits in ninth and will be in the final heat.

Bougard and Day-Monroe go 1-2 in the first heat, with Bougard dominating by four seconds with a 2:08, 983-point showing.

Claudia Salman-Rath wins the last heat, but your medalists in the women's heptathlon are now decided! It's Thiam with the gold, Schafer silver, Vetter bronze.

Men's 800m Semifinal 1

These will be a tough cut, with only two auto-Qs per heat. Harris, Amos, Kszczot, and Rotich highlight heat one.

Rotich takes it through in 52.95, with Amos on his shoulder. Kszczot and Amos take the autos with Rotich 3rd in 1:46.49 -- we'll have to wait to see if that time qualifies. It's possible but unlikely that Harris makes the final with his fourth-place showing.

Men's 800m Semifinal 2

This one has potential to be the fastest of the night, with gold medal hopeful Korir as well as Canada's Brandon McBride, who you can usually depend on to take it out hot. Can the American Drew Windle ride this one to a time qualifier?

McBride takes it through in 50.8! These could be your time Qs. Windle needs to move up from the back!

Windle isn't able to make it, but Korir fades on the final stretch and finishes fourth! Right now, he's a time qualifier as both came from H2. But we'll have to wait and see if H3 bumps him out.

Men's 800m Semifinal 3

It's Bett, Aman, Bosse, and Andre. Race goes out in 51.5 but Brazier gets boxed in and fades on the final stretch.

All of your time qualifiers will come from this heat, meaning gold medal favorite Emmanuel Korir is OUT of the final.

Women's 100m Final

This'll be a treat. We've got the lone U.S. hope Tori Bowie against Olympic gold medalist Elaine Thompson, 2015 Worlds 200m gold medalist Dafne Schippers, Michelle-Lee Ahye, and so many more.

It's Bowie!! Americans sweep the 100s at Worlds for the first time since 2005. Close finish with Ta Lou for silver, Schippers nabs bronze!

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