Katie Follett on her days at Ft. Collins

Katie Follett on her days at Ft. Collins

In Africa Every Morning A Gazelle Awakens
Knowing That It Must Outrun
The Fastest Lion If It Wants To Stay Alive.
Every Morning A Lion Wakes Up Knowing That It Must Run Faster Than 
The Slowest Gazelle Or It Will Starve To Death.
It Makes No Difference Whether You Are A Lion Or A Gazelle:
When The Sun Comes Up You Had Better Be Running.

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think back to my time at Fort Collins High School is…that sick feeling I got in my stomach when my alarm went off several hours earlier than usual. This was followed by the state of total confusion that assailed me until I woke up enough to realize that I did indeed set the alarm and yes, it was because I was going to 5:45AM summer practice. 

Although it was a struggle to get out of bed, I never regretted those crack of dawn runs. Ironically, those runs are what I remember most fondly. There is something to be said for a crisp summer morning in Fort Collins, Colorado and the bonds that form between teammates when you continually see each others' "morning hair". Maybe I remember them so clearly because those runs embodied what Fort Collins High cross-country was about: a commitment. A commitment to the team, and also to myself. To something that was at times hard and strenuous, yet at the same time exciting and fun.

We got this attitude from our coaches, Craig Luckasen and Chris Suppes. They made a commitment to us. They generously gave up hours upon hours meeting us for not only these early mornings throughout the summer, but also for practices, individual and team meetings as well as numerous weekends traveling all over the state for competition. They went above and beyond what was required of them, setting up a several day camp complete with s'mores and team building activities in North Park, Colorado. 

It's this type of commitment that the coaches have to the athletes, and the athletes' have to one another that continues to result in top rankings. This synergistic dedication…and being able to handle sleep deprivation are what make me proud of the lambkins!! (Fyi, a lambkin is a baby lamb, and they are vicious. Don't ever look them in the eye.)
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