Well its another week of training and it has been going okay. I had a really good workout on monday. I mean really good, I don't think I have had a run on the track like that in awhile. 1200m, 800m, 400m 2 sets of that. I was 3:41 2:25 and a 71. Then 3:38, 2:25, 64. It was supposed to all be 74's so 4:56 pace. I put the whole workout in my Logs.. Really proud of that, I just hope that it was a good tune up for this weekend. I had a decent tempo run today. Went out really slow and picked it up from there. My back hurt today more than ever. MORE THAN EVER... But the good thing is, I figured out that it is muscular and that is it. That is Curable as Todd put it today. This weekend is the first 5k I have ever run indoors. I was thinkin around 15:40 or so. I talked to coach today about what he thinks I should be and he wants me around 15:30 or better and it would be a good day. So I think I might have nut it up a little bit once I get a mile in. You know some guys would say that is pretty sad that you are a jr. in college and you haven't run under 16 before. But then again I have never really had good training that I trusted or had the opportunity to run that fast in college either. This is only my 3rd 5k on the track. The first one was so ugly I hope to never see those times again. The Second was a tempo run basically, cause I did it an hour after a steeple. So this weekend is number 3. I have run 16:03 on the road but I know that course is long so I was at least 15:52. I have a couple of goals this weekend. Run well amongst my team mates. Run a decent time that is something I can be proud of. And just have a good time while I am running. I want to be able to walk away smiling from this race and not be upset. I am begining to take things a little less serious in some areas and a little more serious in others. I am starting to understand that the little things do matter. I am taking a lot more ice baths now just to recover a little quicker. Coach has us doing a lot of drills now, I really trust him with a lot of stuff like that so I don't have a problem doing them. Of course I trust a man who has run 14:30 for a 5k and that being the only time he has run it cause he liked the 25 lap race a little bit better. Well thats it for this blog, I am tired and going to bed early so I can't get up around 4 or 5am and do some homework.