it's been some time now. some time since my last blog post, some time since i've been 100% healthy, and some time since i've felt like myself on the track. but...... I'M BACK. there's excitment when i wake up in the morning, butterflies before practice, and i'm exhausted afterwards! having the inablity to work when you know you should be is frustrating. but luckily, there were a lot of people behind me, praying and believing that i was already healed. we were just waiting for the manifestation of it in the natural. trusting that the time i had lost would be redeemed, i've made it through. i cannot express how excited i am about this season. it's going to be interesting to see how i do over the next two months. i won't be doing much competing, but i will be gearing up for my first multi-event in two years. i'll keep you guys up to date on how things go down here in austin.