I am off to the Burning River 100 on August 2nd 2008. It looks to be a relatively flat course in comparison to the alternative. My goal is yet undefined, but I hope to make it a fast one. I have been hitting the literature and consulting with fellow runners. My plan will be a higher mileage program than for mountain trails. Much of the course looks runnable so I will need to be prepared in that respect. Some key workouts will be a 2x5-6 mile tempo run. Another one is a 5x2 mile track workout. The other main event will be the long runs. I will NOT go with a 50 miler this time. The thought is that it takes too long to recover. Instead, I may hit a 40, but the bulk of my work will be in back-to-back long runs. The other key factor will be the heat. Ohio in summer could be awful. My crew must be solid in keeping me hydrated and cool. We shall see.