I have seen more museum-related stuff than ever before. We went to the British Museum yesterday (Monday). One of the first things I got to see was the Rosetta Stone - which is like majorly cool. The picture of it is down below. They had big ancient Egyptian statue heads, including one of Ramses II. Ramses II was the Pharoah when Moses did his thing - so that was also majorly cool. Later on, I saw the mummy of Cleopatra - off the chart cool (that picture is to the left here). Today, we walked over to the National Gallery, which is THE "famous painting" museum in London. I saw the original sunflower painting by Van Gogh, which was awesome, and saw paintings by 3 of the Ninja turtles - Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. I didn't see anything by Donatello and nothing by Splinter, but the other ones were there and it was cool to see them. We saw paintings from the 1200s, 1300s and 1400s that almost looked like they were painted a few years ago - very cool again. When you're not in a museum though, you see monument after monument. I'll be walking along inside of some park and bam!!! there's a monument to the husband of "Queen Who Knows What Her Name Was". You take pictures of stuff just because you think it's old, but don't even know what it is. It's like if I don't, then I'll find out later on that I passed up taking a picture of some famous thing -- so I've been snapping shots of everything, from monuments, to grave sites, to pictures of signs. There are also tons of old churches here. I mentioned one already, Westminster Abbey, but there are plenty more. One, St Paul's Cathedral, has 434 steps to the top. I climbed 'em of course. My calves felt like they were double in size by the time I finished, but the view was pretty awesome. The interesting thing here is that they bury all these famous dead people inside or around the churches. Inside Westminster Abbey, I saw the burial site of Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton. At another church, I saw the gravesite of Sir Walter Raleigh, and the gravesite of Florence Nightengale at another church. I've seen bunches more, but lots of these people will be buried right there inside the church and they use the floor stones to mark the spot. Darwin's gravestone thingee is in the picture down below, just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. So there you could be, sitting down in church and there's some dead dude buried right below your seat. If I grew up in a church like that, I'd be totally bringing props to church. E.g., I'd stick one of those fake hands between the floor stones -- making it look like someone's hand is coming out of their grave, hahaha. Now THAT would be cool. :-)