Well , it's been a while since my last blog so I figured another was appropriate. Even though NCAA's was nowhere near what I wanted, I have gotten over it. Unfortuantely, I now have another few things to focus my attention on - a stress reaction , broken hand and stuff I'd rather not list on here. The foot had been bothering me since a few days before NCAA's, but I let it gi and tried to ignore it. Well, over time that pain did not go away so I got it checked out. Have a stress reaction on my third metatarsal of my left foot. In a boot now and will be out of running for a couple more weeks. Then, there is the hand. Lets just say emotions got the best of me one night and I ended up with a broken metacarpal. I now have a temporary cast and will probably get a hard cast put on it tomorrow morning. Hopefully it does not require surgery! 6-8 week later, I should be back in business. Things brings me to my running. Obviously I am not doing any of that right now with my foot, but I am doing a lot of core and just began cross training today. 30:00 on one of the bikes in the weight room was so difficult! These bikes are already so hard, but I also haven't done any exercise for a while and only can use one hand. I'll be back into things soon enough. Racing wise, the plan is still Big East for indoors and then a normal schedule for outdoor tack (Princeton races, Stanford, Big East, Regions, NCAA's??). I'm looking forward to getting some racing in. When I biked today, my foot already felt better. I had no pain doing that and almost zero pain walking around. Hopefully I will be back running (even if it is a small amount) soon. Well' that's all for now! I'm heading home Saturday and will be hanging out for a few weeks. Another tattoo appt is scheduled for the 28th of December! I'll blog again within a week or right after that appt to update about things. Who knows... I may be running by then!! I just don't want to type very much with this broken hand, so take care everyone.

T-Rex + Four Minutes. Has a nice ring to it.

Think Big.

Dream Big.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.