I coined a term on my run today. I was running a run I call "Four Hills." As far as I know, I'm the only person in the world who runs it.

Consider the previous sentence. It's a perfect example of the term I created- motivational management. Motivational management involves taking positive, unique thoughts on something and channeling them for a greater purpose.

In realizing, or at least believing I am the only person in the world who runs "Four Hills," I gain a sense of pride and purpose. Likewise, if I think to myself that I am the only person on the team who has an "on your own" sort of run as hilly and challenging as "Four Hills", I feel more satisfied and accomplished. Essentially I feel I'm gaining an advantage.

During my run I considered several connections I could make between "Four Hills" and my running. I thought I could become the strongest hill runner on the team. I compared "Four Hills" to the Mt. SAC course, as each of which contains massive... well- hills. Building on this comparison I told myself that everytime I run "Four Hills" I'll think of Mt. SAC. Then continuing, I thought of how Mt. SAC is where CIF Finals is. So I could use this thought to remind me of my goals in the future and hopefully motivate me in running.

I've struggled a lot with motivation and drive in the past. Injury has plagued me far too long. But I hope that with this new advantageous thinking I can make great strides.