What if we let go of all our worries
What if we forgive and forget instead of hold grudges
What if we lived every day as if we were eight again
What if we loved to LIVE
Everyone has something special that makes them tick
Something that feels so effortless
Something drives them to feel so alive
This something becomes their purpose
We often loose sight of our purpose
We become so mangled in pointless worry, so caught up in negative thoughts
Learn to love life and you'll never be caught in a worrysome moment again
Learn to be compassionate and you'll open doors you've never imagined
My purpose is running
For me, running has been the gateway of how to live
When I let go and just run, the world becomes clear
I literally run through all of my worries
In these past two weeks in Montana, I've felt God's presence
He's been with me every stride, breathing air into my lungs
It's felt so effortless, so smooth, like I've been a feather just floating along
When we do things with love and compassion in mind, we unconsciously rise to new heights
However, when we venture away from our core...our love and compassion, we find ourselves in a hole
Our love (for me, running) becomes a chore
Live a simple life, a life that glorifies the Lord and a life that's filled with love
Go to God not just in times of trouble, but in times of happiness
Build a relationship with Him, and he'll spread your wings and take you to places you've never imagined