So I am going to try and keep track of how each week of my summer training is going. After a disappointing year, my plan is to come into cross-country with a good base under me and knowing that my first race back I’m going to run faster than I ever have before. My prs right now in the 5k 16:09 10K 33:57 and 8k 27:21 which are all from my freshman year. Last summer I had double jaw surgery which stopped me from training from June to July. After losing 13lbs and sitting on my ass for a month and only being able to drink grape /apple juice and protein shakes my first run of 4 miles averaging 8min feeling like I ran a marathon was a big shocker. I struggled all this year especially in cross-country averaging less than 6min pace for my races. This was extremely frustrating for me and as winter came by and a few good works outs I thought I was 100%. However; I ended up only running 16:34 in indoor track. After that I was still pretty frustrated but excited for outdoor to start. The 10k was my event and I was looking forward to racing it again. I ran two 10k's both being 2minutes slower than last year. On the positive side did run 16:13 in the 5k and 9:13 in the 3k both near my pr’s. So far this summer I am already 3 weeks into to training. I started lifting two times a week and have had some great runs some being a bit too fast. Overall a solid start to hopefully a great summer of training.