As the temperature starts to rise, the intensity of summer training starts to heat up as well. It's known that if you want to succeed in the fall, winter and spring, you need to get in a good summer of aerobic base training. I've always been a large proponent of summer training, as it's just relaxed aerobic running sprinkled with a few hard efforts to keep your body used to running fast. Unfortunately, like most other college runners, I've had to keep a steady part time job in order to pay for the normal living expenses. This then forces me to revolve my running schedule around my work schedule, which is never ideal for anyone. Thankfully though, I have been fortunate enough to get a lot of handouts from excessively generous people such as my parents to travel out to Colorado for the months of July and part of August to go focus primarily on training and getting fit for XC. I'll be staying in Alamosa, CO, at Adams State College attending the High Altitude Training Camp they've sponsored this summer. I've been a fervent reader of how altitude training effects the body and when my boss (who ironically works with their head coach) told me about this camp, I jumped at the opportunity to try and further my career as a runner. I'm looking forward to this adventure, but I haven't found anyone else who is attending. If anyone from the Flotrack community is going to be there for the second session, please let me know! Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully I'll see some of you out in Alamosa in July!