Every day has been pretty much the same thing. I wake up run, eat, go to class, work and then back home. With the other variation of eat, go to class, work, nap and then run; which has been more of the case then I would of liked for the reason being my summer class taking up most of my time along with longs nights of homework. I can now try and get some of my runs done and over with in the morning like a normal person with it being over. On the positive side of things running around where I live at night can be pretty nice. Living in almost the middle of nowhere I run onto miles of road surrounded by farms, large woods, or just grassy fields leaving me the illusion of being by myself with the occasional passing car. Neither the less it is very relaxing. Watching the fire flies glowing all around with the moon high in the sky. This unfortunately gets t boring after awhile and I find my mind wondering about the upcoming season. I soon start to pick up the pace finding myself to be running a bit faster than I would like. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to start working out again along with plenty of long runs. So far summer training has just started and I already have solid amount miles under my feet with many more to come. In my last post I did say I was going to post once every week but since I have not done much yet other than just runs I’ve been holding off. So in the few weeks to come I’m sure I’ll be putting more miles on my belt along with some great workouts or runs to share.