365 days ago, I ran my first 5k ever in a community run during the summer before Freshman year. I came in a very astonishingly high place to me at the time (11th) and was very excited with my 20:40 5k. I was hungry for more and fell in love with the sport, logging 350 miles that summer, which all payed off when i won the first JV race of the season by 20 seconds. I was excited. My 20:40 turned into a 17:40 at the state meet which i was more then pleased with as i also lettered! I was ecstatic. I thought the sky was the limit! I put in about 400 miles from end of Nov. to the end of Feb. hoping for another solid training block. I ran a 512, 1600m indoors at 4000ft which I was happy with. From there my season just went downhill. Outdoors i PRd at 1051, 502, and 212 - not nearly as happy with my times as i wish. My coach though i was anemic, went to the doctor and turns out i was. It was comforting knowing what was wrong and having a way to fix it. And here i am now. At 130 miles so far this summer, about to hit my first 45MPW ever in my training. I expect good things in XC. Im excited. Im gonna be fast, and so will the team. But i ask you, where were you 365 days ago? And how did you get to where you are now?

----I know theres spelling/grammar mistakes, its early. Thanks.