People take the night before raceday differently... Some are totally chill with no worries, some are super nervous ect. It''s all how you handle that energy (or lack there of) that makes the race. Theres no adding a few extra miles or some other speed workouts to your training. What you have done is what you have to work with. Sure hydrating and sleep can make or break your race, but thats nothing without the miles and miles of training before. So whats done is done and its all up to your mindset come the race and your final little preperations that make up how well you will do. this summer ive put in the most miles I have ever put in, hitting 200 miles un just under 5 weeks. Tomorrow is my first race of the summer, and being an 8 mile race over hills, it will be the longest actuall race I have run in my running carreer, being a sophmore in high school.
'Till next time, many good miles to you