Like many, I have negative feelings towards the way we see track and field portrayed on t.v. Honestly, I understand why people think track and field is boring to watch and or just do not care to watch. The reason is because the covereage is boring. I do not enjoy watching the coverages that I see on t.v. a few times a year.
         For example a 5k could be happening on the track, but instead of giving backgrounds or training concepts the runners have we get to see the high jumpers sitting in their chairs waving at the camera. There is dead time at tracks meets, yes, so use that dead time to fill with runners stories. Have they heard of Lopez Lomong? That man has a great American citizen story, and I know for a fact people eat that stuff up. Or what about Brian Sell? Hard working blue collar guy that made an Olympic team. The mother of 4 that qualifies for the Trials. There are so many filler stories that the public would love to hear, and can bring their interest up in the community. I understand people, at this point in time, are not/will not sit through an entire 5k or 10k on t.v. That is completely understandable, but don't just show 3 minutes of the race. All we want to see, on t.v., are the big moves in the middle and the last mile. If we could get 8-10 minutes of the race on t.v. I would be extremely impressed. What I think would be great is if NBC and Flotrack could work something out to where NBC filmed the entire race, and allowed Flotrack to upload it to their site for people like us to watch the race in its entirety. Instead we are stuck with terrible commentations and little of the race that we all care so much about.
        The commentators I also believe could be changed. What they need are some high energy track gurus, and one or two celebrity runners. By celebrity runners I am talking about Michael Johnson or Joan Benoit. You know athletes the public actually know about....i.e. not Dwight Stones or Ato Bolton. Sure people know who they are....if they are track fans. Everybody, however, watched and rooted for Johnson in Atlanta. Joan Benoit? Do I need to state why she would be good? As far as track gurus go I think we all know that I am thinking of Mark Flo. and Kevin Selby. Seriously? Who would be better than them to bring high energy and knowledge. DISCLAIMER* Sorry Alex and Ryan but when you guys get super excited during a race you may start to say some language NBC may or may not care for on live t.v. 
        There is my two cents on the matter to sum it up I think NBC needs to have filler stories, upload full races to Flotrack, and get new and better commentators.