Villanova once again tapped into its pipeline directly from the Great Barrier Reef and nabbed a 19 year old stud, Jordan "Jordy" Williamsz, who we are sure to hear more about once he comes stateside this fall just a little over an hour north east of my abode. He is the under 17 champion from 2008 in the land of the kangoroos, with a 3:46, and boasts an even more impressive 3:36 PB at a meet at Swarthmore College, same race where Merber broke the ACR in the 1500 with his 3:35, back in May circa 2012 (he's in the white singlet, green spandex). He also has range as he totes PB's of 1:47 over 800m and 8:15 in the 3k.  His new teammate, McEntee, is also in the race and he ran a 3:36.

The middle distance scene has become even more interesting now that Williamsz is in the collegial mix.