Just under 3 months ago, I was running my last track race of my freshman year. The meet before i had missed the qualifacation in the 2 mile by 1 second. This 2 mile had 3 other compeatators in it. I thought i was ready to run the race by myself and possibly qualify... I was horribly mistaken. Laps 1-5 went by fine, but on lap 7 my hamstring cramped up horribly again (i had multiple problems with it that season) and i was forced to stop my race, ending my track season. I took the next two and a half weeks off to get a jump on my summer training and started back up in mid June. Last summer i didn't really work that hard in running, getting just close to 100 miles. it showed that cross country season, and after what happened in track, I made a promise to myself to work harder than i had ever worked before. the summer training, starting around june 10th is a 10 week period where its not officially a practice but runners are incuraged to run. My first few weeks went by, and i put in 40's each week, running more in 3 weeks time then all of the summer before. I was happy when i hit 100 miles two and a half weeks into the summer. the next milestone was hit on the day of a big 8mile race. That went well and i  finished in 7th place overall. I liked how the 200 miles put in had affected my performance. Under 2 weeks later (due to camp) i hit the big 300 mark. This was nice but my foot started acting up, forcing me to take a week easy (under 30 miles.) that left me slightly under 100 miles short of my goal with less then 2 weeks to the end of summer training and the start of cross. I wouldnt go into the season without making my goal. so a week and a few days later i  finally hit 400 miles. I was the fist on my team, and another teamate of mine hot 400 later that week. It turns out that its only going to be the us 2 hitting that milage this summer. Im pleased with most of our team though. Most... alot of them are at the 300 or just over that mark. Unfortunatly some didn't train that hard this summer, but they have talent and a strong will and they will still do well.  I am very excied to test out all the miles in our upcoming race here in a few weeks. It seems like i can already feel the differance from the 431 total miles i ended up putting in. This season should be good... hopefully.
till next time,