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We're #2!!! My "Guide to the Universe VI: Fearless Picks and Predictions", segments of which I've posted here every day during the Olympics, finished 2nd out of 384 in the international Olympic track and field prediction contest hosted by This contest is the gold standard of international prediction contests as it places a heavy emphasis in the scoring on accuracy of place. This contest has absorbed the former Track and Field News contest, and requires contestants to pick the top three in each of the 47 Olympic Track and Field events.

In the LetsRun contest, which includes the running events, a few field events, and no walks, the Guide finished 12th out of 2197.

Thanks to all of you for your many views during the Olympics. This was a lot of fun and I enjoyed posting here. I created my blog site just to have a place to post the event analyses by day and have ended up enjoying the blogging process tremendously. I am glad I was  able to post here as well. I'll be posting a reflection about the Olympics as a whole by next week.