So here is the scenario I will paint for you. You have a younger sibling who idolizes you and pretty much follows the path that you lead. She does the same sports, wins the same awards goes to the same college and continues to do the same sport. She turns to you for advice and feels that what she is doing isn’t enough or that the coach is wrong and wants you to give you input. I tell her what I know because I have a passion for the sport and tell her all the things that work well for me and what I had to overcome to reach goals. However, when it all dawns on me that I am not her coach I am her brother. I always listened to what my coach had to say and did as he instructed. Am I breaking over stepping my boundaries at this point should I just say that she needs to sit down with her coach and talk over some of the things that she is doing and why she is doing them or is my information just fuel for the fire and will help become even more successful? I would greatly appreciate any comments from coaches, siblings, or anyone who has had a similar relationship? I really just want to hear your thoughts and some experiences that have been good in this situation and also would like to hear the bad. Thank you for any advice that you can give me