By now most cross country season are underway and are beginning to get into the real meat of the season. This time of year brings about the tradition known as "stachies at nachies". Which for anyone who does not know, means that team members grow out mustaches to show their commitment to qualify for the national championships.

Now as a guy who has not gone under 27:00 for an 8k race, to put it simply I will not be qualifying this year. So that means I will look quite the fool if I grow out facial hair and finish outside the top 50 at the regional meet. This makes me feel left out. Why can I not grow out my man hair just because I am mediocre? I don’t want to use “No shave November” as an excuse because there needs to be some effort. I have come up with a solution for the other guys like me who just want a cool face buddy for the races in November. I call it “Goatees for Greatness”

It is exactly how it sounds. Grow out a goatee, and go for greatness. The best about it is greatness is a goal that is different for everyone. It could be anything for national champion to just finishing the race with out walking. 

Somehow we've been fooled into believeing that greatness is reserved for the choosen few, for the superstars. In fact greatness is for all of us. It's about rausing expectations and going beyond them. Greatness is in every last one of us, it's not some special thing. Anyone who is looking for it can find it. Why should glory be reserved for the superstars? What about the guys who set monster p.r.s but are back of the pack runners? What about the team that finally beats their rival or cracks into the regional/national rankings? Anyone can achieve greatness. I’m not trying to replace stachies, not even a little bit. What I am trying to do is go for the best I can be and not settle for being average. Plus it would be awesome to have a bunch of hairy guys all through the races later in the season rather then just at the front of the pack.

So flotrack community, it’s up to you. Do you want to achieve greatness? Why not grow out a goatee and go for it?