The quiet of this place has paid off, much like I expected it to. I was out like a light last night and even got in a decent nap this afternoon. It was very warm in my room, I should have paid better attention in science class, 30 degrees Celsius is not cold, its actually quite warm I found as I ran my hand in front of the vent this morning. More lunch meat at breakfast today, but there was a nice selection of fruits and yogurt so I ate well. After breakfast I went for a run with Ian and Augustus. We ran along a dirt path that circles the golf course for a while before coming back around to the front. After that we ran along the cart paths of the neighboring golf resort, which has a much better view of the sea than ours does. Every time I see the view it amazes me, absolutely gorgeous. After the run a quick shower before lunch and then an amazing power nap before a quick massage. My back was tight from the flight over, but when he pushed down on my between my shoulder blades and I heard, or rather felt, three vertebrae pop back into place I was shocked, that flight had done some work. After that some of us hopped on a bus and headed into town for a course inspection. They stopped at the start/finish area and we all got out to look around. The town of Kavarna is tiny, we run from one end to the other in a little over 2km. The buildings are old and crumbling at the outskirts of town, but in town things are a little nicer. The course is made up of 4x5km loops with the final loop having an additional part added on to make up for the difference. By loop I should explain that it is all on the same road, with hairpin turns at the turn around points. It should be interesting negotiating the turns tomorrow with a group of runners all around us. The worst part of the course footing wise will probably be the start finish area, this is about 500m of running on each loop, but its off the road and into a downtown shopping area, so the surface is a more decretive stone and tile than pavement, its kinda uneven and very hard with a 180 degree turn a the end. But other than the turns the course is great, flat overall, no more than 5 meters of elevation change over the entire course. It should be good, I will just have to check my watch to make sure I’m getting back into a rhythm after the turns. We have a team meeting in a while and then dinner. I’m hoping on another solid night of sleep so I can wake up refreshed tomorrow. Women race at 9:30am, the men at 11:00. Our run today was around 10:30, and with the sun out and the humidity up it was a little warm. I imagine it will be similar conditions tomorrow, all the more reason for me to execute my race plan of a conservative start, the second half will be good hunting on those who went out too quick and aren’t used to the humidity.

If you want to see pictures from the trip go my blog I've posted a view pictures now and will post more after the race.