Well here it is a couple of weeks before the start of the worlds. I have had a pretty decent season this year. My races have been all right. Some just like I expected and some totally unexpected, but, that is life isn't it. Since coming back from Europe, I have been training, training, and training. The key is to find a balance. That is what I am trying to do because if I do not I will be consumed with my preparation for worlds. It is good to be back and see my wife. Not to mention, I live in Santa Monica, Ca and the weather is great. It is literally 20 days before my race and I am preparing as tough and thorough as I did for the USA nationals. I just have to make sure not to overdo it. There is a thin line, but you know me. I will skate it. Hey, we have one life, I am going to try to get the best out of myself. Sometimes you have to risk going to far (fast), to see how far (fast) you can go. Hey, keep supporting all of us. It really helps and it makes a difference. K.D.