Just got back to the Hotel after my track session. It went well but I did feel effects of the humidity. 8x400m @ 58.5 with 90 sec rec: 58.3, 57.3, 57.6, 58.3, 58.2, 58.2, 58.2, 57.2 The legs didnÂ’t feel bad, I just took a while to find rhythm. The two 57Â’s early on really pissed me off because I didnÂ’t want to go any faster than a 58, but its been a good while since I have done a track workout and my pacing was all off. The lack of rhythm could have been from the hard surface but it still bugs me as that was the purpose of the workout, to find my rhythm. All-in-all I am please and now I can get on with some sharpening up before the prelims.