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Chewing On Pros Of Caffeine Gum

I have a confession to make. I am a five time US Champion and a two time Olympian, but I had some help earning these accolades. For the duration of my professional running career I have used a performance enhancing drug. My drug of choice: caffeine.  Though caffeine is not banned by USADA or WADA in or out of competition, several studies have shown that it can have incredible performance enhancing effects. An article on caffeine published by The New York Times said, "one of the best studied performance enhancers is fine for them ...

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Harrison Holtz

February 24, 2014, 8:22am

The tipping point. That single moment where a single idea crosses a single threshold, and spreads like wildfire. What will be Track and Field’s tipping point? Can it be the events that took place this past weekend at USA Indoors, wronging Gabriele Grunewald? If you aren’t aware of what happened, I’m sure there are many media sources that can explain far better than I can. But let me make an analogy. The Seattle Seahawks are playing the New York Giants. The Giants score as time expires to win, but the Seahawks don’t like...

Go Hard, But Lather Up First

Go Hard, But Lather Up First

Kevin Selby

January 7, 2014, 4:41pm

I frequently seek the advice of others.  It is comforting to turn to someone who has previous experience and ask their thoughts.  I did this before running my first 10,000 on the track and as I prepped for my first marathon.  Later, the first person I called for advice about a career as a teacher and coach was my first coach, the patient soul who guided me as a naive high school freshman.  Frequently I turn to neighbors, friends, and family for everything from parenting to fixing the house to the best trail for a long run. ...

Competitor Group's Decision is a Wake Up Call for Track and Field

- Competitor Group Pulls the Plug on Elite Racing via - Competitor CEO Scott Dickey Responds via The sport needs to wake up. Let's not jump on Scott Dickey for trying to better his business. They have invested more for the sport than almost anyone and even with all their MBAs, lawyers, and money, they could not justify the expenses of professional runners. Now we are complaining because they tried and failed? They cannot lift the sport alone. The sport - athletes, coaches, agents, meet directors - needs to work tog...

10000m men "Distance Friday Night" told by Storify

[View the story "10000m men \"Friday Distance Night \"" on Storify]

ParisMarathon2013 told by Storify

[View the story "PARISMARATHON 2013" on Storify] PARISMARATHON 2013 Storified by Alberto Stretti· Sun, Apr 07 2013 09:34:45 Wikimedia My Paris Marathon statistical reference file is at…K Ken Nakamura #parismarathon 1hour and 15min till starting time (8.45) great circumstances! Hardly no wind and low temperatures, athletes should be happyJurrievanderVelden Warm up Paris Deen #parismarathon 40 min before start, temperature rising, as nerves. 4 degreesJeroen De...

CARLSBAD 5K:Elite field!!!

from my blog More to follow!!!...soon...about the race Carlsbad 5k 2013 by Alberto Stretti

LISBON HALFMARATHON from PORTUGAL:Essential guide to follow the event

From my blog This Sunday not only World Cross champs listed.. The most important event on road will be Lisbon Half Marathon with so many talented guys at the start.. Edp Lisbon HalfMarathon 2013 by Alberto Stretti OFFICIAL LIVESTREAMING of EVENT is HERE (from 11am CET...10am GMT...6am ET) OFFICIAL SITE of RACE is HERE COURSE: Edp Lisbon HalfMarathon by Alberto Stretti

WORLDCROSSCHAMPS 2013:full entry lists

World Cross Champs 2013 by Alberto Stretti

HAMBURGMARATHON:Eliud Kiphoge at the debut on distance

From my blog: One month and it will be HamburgMarathon in north Germany with a completely fast and flat course where runnere can run absolutely strong. In Hamburg we are going to have an important debut such as Eliud Kipchoge.Kipchoge is one the most important athlete of last 10years winning Olympic and World medals in his amazing career. Last summer in Lille his promising debut in half with a very interesting 59:25 repeated few weeks ago with a very confortable 60:04 in Barcellona. I had reached Eliud Kipchoge now in tr...

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The New Generation of Supermilers

Why the U.S. should take a page out of Great Britain's book for success in 2013 In February 2011, Mo Farah shocked the track world by announcing that he would move to Portland, Oregon, to train under Alberto Salazar as a member of the Oregon Distance Project. Salazar’s love of cutting edge training methods, emphasis on small, incremental, development, and strong record with protégée, Galen Rupp, proved too much for Farah to pass up as he looked towards the Olympics in his home nation of Great Britain. The move meant Farah c...

Why the US should take a page out of Great Britain’s book for success in 2013

In February 2011, Mo Farah shocked the track world by announcing that he would move to Portland, Oregon, to train under Alberto Salazar as a member of the Oregon Distance Project. Salazar’s love of cutting edge training methods, emphasis on small, incremental, development, and strong record with protégée, Galen Rupp, proved too much for Farah to pass up as he looked towards the Olympics in his home nation of Great Britain. The move meant Farah could literally train in Nike’s backyard under the tutelage of one of Ameri...



Aaron Bowe

June 20, 2013, 2:21pm

So who all is down to make flotrack the next big thing?! Get at me ;)

Back in the Game! Sort Of...

Wow! How long has it been since I've been on FloTrack? :) It's not that I HAVEN'T been running since my last log in. (Seriously, when WAS the last time I logged in? I think for most of this year in cross country our coach had us write down our workouts in notebooks, so I think it was the beginning of last fall when I last posted - clearly, I've been doing some running since then - finished up my last season of college cross country! Went out with a second place win for the team and a personal record for me! Boom Baby!) Anyways, as I mentioned, ...

Longest Run in the last 4 months.

Today was a good day for a long run. Breezy and warm back in the woods at Davidson College's XC course. A little damp from all the rain,but softer than usual because of it. Felt good. Legs were working right. Made two pit stops along the way. Yesterday was hill day- 7x100m-17secs w/ 3min walk back. Wednesday is my 63rd birthday. It's great to be alive and still able to run among other things. My faith,my wife and my health. Speaking of health,I've got a wellness visit with my PCP( Primary Care Physican) on my Birthday. Total rest on Wed. Long i...

Lactate Tolerance Workout

Lactate Tolerance Workout

Rob Jackson

June 12, 2013, 7:01am

Tough stuff  yesterday. Short rest track session @ UNCC. 3x2x200m- 34-36secs w/ 30secs rest and 5mins b/t sets. You can really feel the lactic acid in your blood system especially in your hamstrings coming down the homestretch that last 50-60 meters. You wanna stop but you tell yourself get through it. These sessions will only get harder as the month of June rolls on. This is the kind of work I need when the racing starts at 600 meters in an 800 race. You"ve got to be there when the running starts. I can run 60 secs for a 400, which means ...

Back to Back Hard Sessions.

This week was the first time I attempted to do 2 hard speed sessions back to back. Monday's session was on the roads: 7x200- 36,37,34,35,34,34,last one 32.75 with 2mins rest. Tuesday's was a lot faster with full recovery ( 6-7mins). I ran with a couple of my Youth distance kids. Mind you now, these kids are 12 and 13. Both run the 1500/3000m. I will be 63 in 2 weeks. We ran 2x4x200- 1st 4 in racing flats- 33,31.6, 31.5,32.7. 7mins rest then changed into spikes. Last 4 were: 30.8, 29.84, 30.11, 29.30. We shared pacing duties and  we stayed ...



Evan DeFraine

June 4, 2013, 8:15pm

Running represents a different type of therapy for all of us. For some, it offers an escape from the mundane and monotonous. For others, it allows for an oppurtunity to truly challenge ourselves in a society where it is so easy to get by with mediocrity. And for more still, it supplies a teather to life itself, as it keeps the mind and body attached to a more tangible truth: the truth of pain and struggle. So when a runner's very essence, their ability to run, is taken from them, what happens? This reality is one I now face. I have been long su...

Back on Flotrack!

Back on Flotrack!

Thuong Nguyen

June 1, 2013, 7:39pm

Once again, off season training begins! There is much to be accomplished this summer and hopefully flotrack will keep me motivated. Senior year is coming up and it's time to go out with a bang and just hope for a great cross country and track season. To recap my track could have gone much better but under the circumstances, I wouldn't say it was a complete loss. I just know that there is a bunch of redeeming to do this upcoming seasons. These little foot injuries aren't making things any easier, but i'm definitely not letting them a...

Thursday's Track Session.

Thursday's Track Session.

Rob Jackson

May 31, 2013, 9:16am

Thursday was a little tough. It always is when you're training by yourself. If the wind is at your back it's all good. If you catch a head wind you've got problems. But there are head winds at meets,so I just suck it up and get the work done. Ladder workout with each rep getting faster pace wise: 500: 1:26, 400- 68.09, 300- 49.70, 200- 31.02, 100- 15.03. All with full recovery around 6-7 mins. Tuesday's work was all strength oriented: 2x1000: 3:58 w/4mins rest. 2x800: 3:04 w/ 3mins rest. I will race a 1 mile race on June11th, an 800 on June18th...

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