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    Auckland Recap


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    Like Melbourne, Auckland was great and KIm Smith and her family and friends were awesome. Again we got a lot of great footage for our upcoming series where we will be following a couple athletes to Beijing. I saw a many things that I had never seen before and two things that blew me away. One was the people walking around with no socks and shoes I was so happy walking out the door and not having to worry about putting on shoes and knowing that it was completely cool, the other thing was the black sand. When they told me there was black sand, I kind of thought it was going to be like Kentucky Blue Grass, the name being a lot cooler then the real thing. I was way wrong, the real thing is 10 times cooler then the name. Kim forced me to run almost everyday and I liked it, I need to start my 800 training soon. Kim did do a workout and she did ask me to help her out like I did in Europe (Click Here for the Carnage)

    Mark Flo