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    Episode #6 - Mark's NYC Marathon Tuneup


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    (MARK RUNS 2:36:07!! Check it out HERE

    With all the big names in this year's NYC Marathon (Abdi, Tergat, Bolota, Rohatinsky, Carney, Radcliff, Ndereba, Goucher, Kim, Magda, McGregor, etc...) some may forget that America will also have their eyes on one unsung hero.....Mark Floreani.

    As Mark embarks on his first marathon challenge there has been much speculation on his finishing time. So we decided it was ... A. time to actually do a workout and B. a perfect time for a prediction contest.

    Watch our workout we joined with Leo and see what you think about the status of Mark's fitness, then YOU PREDICT HIS TIME.

    Make sure you are logged into Flotrackr (otherwise your prediction won't count) and let us know how you think he'll do. I'll be at the finish line doing interviews and waiting for Mark so I'll update the results ASAP on Sunday.

    The closest to the actual time will win his and her Flotrack gear (2 hats, 1 male shirt, 1 female shirt). If you think Mark is going to drop out you have to put at what mile it will happen (to the nearest half mile). Predictions need to be submitted by 11:59pm on Saturday, November 1st. Only one prediction per login allowed. And make sure you DON'T predict a time that's already been entered, the first to predict a time will win (based on the time prediction was entered).


    1. Braille - "The IV featuring Rob Swift"

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