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    Deena Kastor on the State of US Distance Running


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    In the second half of Kevin Selby's interview with Deena Kastor, she talks about the current state of distance running in the United States and looks at why men are ahead of women in the marathon internationally. Deena also reflects on her keys to longevity as a distance runner for a quarter century.

    Deena’s lifetime bests are:


    3,000m - 8:42.59

    5,000m - 14:51.62

    10,000m - 30:52.32

    Road (all are current American Records)

    12 km - 38:24

    10 mile - 51:31

    20 km - 1:04:07

    ½ Marathon – 1:07:34

    Marathon - 2:19:36