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    Made In America Prediction Contest - Men's 10k


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    Tomorrow LIVE coverage of US Champs begins on Flotrack with the first final of the weekend with the 10k finals for the men and the women. This weekend in Eugene you will have three chances to get hooked up with gear from New Balance. There will be three prediction contests for each of the Men's 10k, Women's 5k Final, and the Men's Steeplechase final.

    Tomorrow: Men's 10k Predictions

    1) Make sure to login to Flotrack

    2) Predict who you think will be the top 3 men in the 10,000 meter final in order.

    3) Predict the winner's time to the nearest hundredth (will be used for tie-breaking purposes)

    Friday: Women's 5k Predictions (stay tuned for video)

    Saturday: Men's Steeple Predictions (stayed tuned for video)

    All winners will be announced on Flotrack on Sunday.