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    Get to Know David Torrence, Part 2 - college and beyond


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    David Torrence is one of the newest of young talent that has emerged from the US this year. A lofty goal setter and great racer, Torrence has been setting PBs almost every time time he steps to the track in the recent weeks. Most recently he ran back to back PBs for 800 meters at Lignano (1:45.97) and Monaco (1:45.14) and now awaits for his next chance at 1500/mile. You may remember Torrence during his Cal days submitting downhill mile user videos on Flotrack or blogging on the site as an unsigned college graduate. After a Puma Mile Victory and US Road Mile win in 2009 he was given a shot by Nike and after the season was asked to join the group coached by John Cook. Torrence has not looked back since as he has set PBs for 800, 1500, and mile all in 2010. Torrence has had an interesting road through his collegiate and early professional career as he missed two years at Cal due to grades and was the first guy out of the finals at NCAA or US Champs for three consecutive years! This is part 2, the years during college and beyond, in the two part get to know David Torrence piece. Watch part 1 here.

    David's Stats:

    800 - 1:45.14

    1500 - 3:35.81

    Mile - 3:54.47

    3000 (i) - 7:53.67

    8th at 2004 World Junior Championships (Grosseto)

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