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    Sam Chelanga & Liberty WOW - "The Final Hard Effort" 100th WOW


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    After 4 years of bringing you workouts with the best high school, college, and professional athletes and coaches in our Workout Wednesday series, Flotrack has finally produced its 100th WOW. Nothing is more fitting than featuring the reigning NCAA Champions 5 days before he runs to defend his crown. For his last really hard effort of his cross season (and our last college xc WOW for the season), Sam rolls with some 1ks on a 500m loop around Liberty's Intramural Fields. The field was soft and wet, but that didn't stop the Flames from burning through these 1000 repeats.
    Liberty's Evans Kigen, 20th at NCAAs last fall, has a class on this day and works out in the mornings with Coach Scott. He was 2nd at regionals this past weekend behind Sam. Josh Edmonds was 15th overall as Liberty's 3rd man.


    10 x 1k on 5 minute cycles

    - this means every 5 minutes you start the next rep. If you run 3:00, then you have a 2:00 break.


    Jupiter One - Platform Moon

    The Crash Moderns - Where Did All The Scene Girls Go"

    Velvet Code - Follow You, Follow Me

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