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    Track Meet 4 Christchurch Earthquake - Donate and Watch LIVE


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    You may have heard of the tragic events going on in Christchurch, NZ.  An earthquake hit the city hard and the country has declared a state of emergency.  In an effort to help the cause, our friends at along with some of your favorite mid-distance athletes, are putting on a track meet to help raise funds to support those in need.  Please read the message from Rees and Scott below and make sure to tune in to their live webcast after submitting your donations.  Are hearts are with those in NZ as they go through these tough times and begin to rebuild.
    - Ryan

    Track Meet 4 Christchurch - LIVE Event

    Hi all, 

    The team here at have been involved in putting together a track meet here in Wellington, New Zealand to help raise funds for those affected by the devastating earthquake which hit the city of Christchurch on Tuesday.

    This is the deadliest and most damaging natural disaster in New Zealand's history and has affected us all personally, and deeply. The confirmed death toll is now over 100, including citizens from the UK, Japan, and Australia, with more than 200 still unaccounted for. Included in the missing is a leading Coach and Administrator from the sport of Track and Field in the region, who will be sorely missed in the sport.

    The meet is to be held on Saturday 26th February, beginning at 5pm NZST.

    The aim of the meet is to raise money which will go directly to help support the relief efforts already underway in Christchurch and also with the ongoing re-building.

    Our team has managed to pull together, at short notice, resources to allow us to provide a LIVE video stream of the meeting. We will be broadcasting LIVE online from Newtown Park in Wellington between 5:00pm and 6:45pm NZST. During this broadcast we will be showing the presentation of Nick Willis' Olympic Silver 1500m Medal which he is yet to receive following the Beijing Games, as well as Alan Webb (USA) competing over 800m and a star-studded Mile which includes Nick Willis (NZL), Lee Emanuel (UK), Will Leer (USA) and Alan Webb who is expected to also start in the mile.

    Here is a direct link for the LIVE Stream page on NZRUN. This page includes details on how viewers can contribute to either the Red Cross or Salvation Army in New Zealand, or directly to Athletics Canterbury. 

    We thank you for your support with this request and hope that you can join us in helping raise funds for the relief effort.


    The NZRUN Team

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