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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Flotrack Crew!


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    The Crew here at Flocasts would love to wish you and your family a happy holidays . Whether that family be defined as your siblings, your training partners, or old college buddies that you keep telling yourself that you will remain closer with. Let's enjoy the fact that we got to share a year of amazing running memories. We are thankful for the community that we have, the friendships that we have made, and the joy that we will be exuded in the events that we are lucky enough to attend this year. Kudos to those who already got out the door this morning, but to those who didn't, don't beat yourself up. Drink the holiday in, reflect on what you have, and yea..guess what ¦next year is an Olympic year boom.
    Happy Holidays!


    P.S. Don't Shoot your eye out!

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