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    Nick Symmonds talks waging war and meaning of Olympics


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    This morning Nick Symmonds was a guest on CNBC in London (see interview below). The talk about sponsorship was a main topic of interest and it spurred some follow up questions on the matter and around the Olympics. Symmonds fills us on how the push for sponsorship rights have affected his life throughout 2012 while training for the Olympic Games. Nick has been outspoken in feeling that athletes are not in a favorable situation with governing bodies, like the IAAF and USATF, when trying to gain sponsors for supporting track and field careers. We get into the Olympic Games, an event that makes billions but does not share the earning with the people that make the event....the athletes. In this interview we have Nick in his rawest form, outside of major television and big lights, but in his room in Teddington where he answers some big questions for the Flotrack community.

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