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    G mile (Dream Mile Qualifier - Verdon 4:53)


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    Laura Hollander led much of the early stages of the race but it was Carrie Verdon of Campolindo who stormed with a blazing fast final 600 meters to potentially earn a spot to the adidas Dream Mile in New York City. Molly Babcock of Woodbridge passed Allison Sturges of Mountain View in the final meters for second place.

    1 Carrie Verdon Campolindo 4:53.58 2 Babcock Molly Woodbridge 4:55.96 3 Allison Sturges Mountain View (NS) 4:56.67 4 Hagen Reedy Buchanan 4:57.99 5 Laura Hollander Marina 4:59.26 6 Cassandra Smith Trabuco Hills 4:59.59 7 Chelsey Totten Golden Valley 4:59.84 8 Lyndsey Mull Redondo 5:01.76 9 Emily Taylor Marina 5:02.43 10 Ali Teliha Bullard (Fresno) 5:03.43 11 Dominique Regalado Trabuco Hills 5:08.69 12 Rebecca Mehra Palos Verdes 5:13.82

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