The Flotrack boys were sitting around our hotel room throwing around darkhorse candidates who could surprise people in their respective finals so we decided to turn the banter into a bit of a friendly competition. Although the definition about who qualifies as a  "darkhorse" was fiercely debated, Ryan Fenton, Dan Knewitz and Kevin Liao were able to agree upon who would and would not be allowed. Our recommendation for you, first decent who is not a darkhorse.

So without further ado, our picks:

Women's 800m:

Ryan: Caroline King, BC
Dan: Kathy Klump, Cincinati
Kevin: Charlene Lipsey, LSU

Men's 800m:
Ryan: Ricky West, Missouri
Dan: Erik Sowinski, Iowa
Kevin: Edward Kemboi, Iowa State

Women's 1500m:
Ryan: Becca Friday, Oregon
Dan: Morgane Gay, Virginia
Kevin: Greta Feldman, Princeton

Men's 1500m:
Ryan: Sam McEntee, Villanova
Dan: Rob Finnerty, Wisconsin
Kevin: Rich Peters, Boston U.

Women's 5000m:
Ryan: Megan Goethals, Washinton
Dan: Allie Woodward, Oregon
Kevin: Kayleigh Tyerman, Florida State

Men's 5000m:
Ryan: William Mulherin, Virginia Tech
Dan: Ben Huber, Indiana
Kevin: Trevor Dunbar, Oregon

Let's hear yours....