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    Brie Felnagle 200 on / 200 off Workout Wednesday


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    Join the Brie Felnagle in Seattle's Magnuson Park as she does an early season workout. The workout comes only a few weeks after a near PR (8:54.74) and a win in the 3k at the Washington Invite. This comes the week after her race at the USA Cross Country Championships. Brie has joined new coach Danny Mackey for this session.

    Workout: continuous 200 on/200 cruise x16

    'On' Splits: 34- 34- 33- 35- 33- 32- 34- 33- 34- 32- 33- 33- 34- 33- 32- 32
    (ave: 33.2, ave mile pace for 'on': 4:25.5)

    Overall: 4 miles in 23:08 (5:47/mile ave)

    Loop: 800m dirt loop in Magnuson Park, mostly flat

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