Trey Zepada is the Head Strength coach at the University of Texas and Austin Track Club. You need to have a primal instinct when you are lifting in the weight room. There is a direct relationship in how much you can lift to how far you can throw. However to get to the point of having the luxury to have the primal instinct you need to work on your support muscle groups. By strengthening your support muscle groups and having great technique that will enable you to more intuitively attack your primary lifts. 

Primary Lifts: Olympic lifts like Bench, Squat, Snatch ect. 

In this video Trey Zepada explains his philosophy on getting that Primal instinct out:

Workout the smallest muscles so they can support your biggest ones. D1


Keep your balance with 2 Hand Cable Rotations

I know you want to look good but hit your Non Mirror Muscles with Bands

Dynamic Jumps: Yes Big Boys can do these too!

Discus Throwers Emphasize Bench Way Too Much...Here is why:


Yo! How much you bench anyways?

The Ying to the Bench Press' Yang, Single Arm Row

Get Your Russian Twist Action Going, Choose One of these - once or twice a week. 
Russian Twist Wiper
Russian Twist Side
Overhead Russian Twist
Seated Russian Twists
Russian Twist Seated Arch