Core work is huge for runners as it provides for greater efficiency of movement and reduces the risk of injury.  That in mind, make sure to check out these Russian Twist Exercises!  The Russian Twist is an exercise that is used to work the abdomen muscles by performing a twisting motion during lifts. The exercise is adapted by athletes of all kinds as it is used to increase explosiveness in the upper torso.  Here Trey Zepeda shows a variety of Russian Twist Exercises.  Is is important to mix up these exercises so that the body doesn't comfortably adapt to the workout but instead responds to the Russian Twist exercise each time.  

For each exercise, do 2 or 3 sets of 10 reps each side.

It is recommended to do each exercise at the end of a workout, two or three times a wk.

Russian Twister Wiper 


Russian Side Twists

Overhead Russian Twists

Seated Russian Twists 

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