Strength and stability workouts are an absolute essential for runners -for athletes of all kinds really. Adam Goucher points out that strength and stability workouts not only make you stronger while improving your form, they are also used to reduce the risk of injury within the athlete.  

Goucher lists four strength and stability exercises that he does with a physioball after a run. Each workout is a variation off the plank series.  With these exercises, the point is to challenge the body without sacrificing core form.  You ultimately want to get stronger in the areas your body's not used to.  

The following exercises can be done daily, and you can use any combination of these exercises to conduct your post-run workout:

[Physioball Plank Series Intro]

Physioball Plank Series Exercise 1: Form and then Forward/Back

Physioball Plank Series Exercise 2: Lateral Movement

Physioball Plank Series Exercise 3: Circle Rotations

Physioball Plank Series Exercise 4: Figures 8's

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